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    on old military roads and single trails Marmora-Vernetti, Maira Valley, Piemonte, Italy

Alt. Diff.

28610 m





Mountain bike & E-MTB tours on old military roads and single trails

Marmora-Vernetti, Valle Maira, Piemonte, Italy

From the plain of Cuneo in Piedmont, three main valleys, parallel to each other, stretch across the maritime Alps towards France: the Stura Valley (principle town Demonte), the Maira Valley (principle town Dronero) and the Varaita Valley (principle town Sampeyre). The Stura Valley and the Varaita Valley have a road connection to France – via the pass Colle della Maddalena or the pass Colle dell’Agnello – whereas the Maira Valley does not have a road to France. Therefore, there is far less automobile traffic in the Maira Valley. Because of its vicinity to the Mediterranean Sea, this area has a mild climate, despite its alpine location.

The higher regions and the secondary valleys are characterized by a vast migration. In the community of Marmora in the Maira Valley, for example, there are only 25 citizens that are still living there all the year round. In1861 there were still l088 citizens living at Marmora and in 1951 only 446! The reason for this mass migration is the emigration to France and overseas, as well as the rural depopulation because of the industrialization and the movement of labor into the region of Turin (FIAT etc.). Therefore agriculturally active areas were abandoned. Previously cultivated fields became meadows. The area was soon overgrown with shrubs and trees, a development that has been continuing up to now. Although the area is only 100 km away from the city of Turin, the Maira Valley is a forgotten area of Piedmont. Thanks to increased tourism in the last few years, the migration is being counteracted. This refers to the individual tourism, people who spend their holidays here: Hikers and bikers in the summer and ski and snowshoe tours in winter.

The family-run Pensione Ceaglio that is located in Vernetti, is an ideal point of departure for tours on mountain bikes, trekking bikes or road bikes. Mountain bikers profit from a far-reaching network of old military roads. In combination with that network, there are old trade roads (border trails) and farm and alpine trails. Several hiking trails add also to the diversity of the landscape and the technical demands of the tours. A huge variety of unforgettable tours can be made from May to the beginning of November starting directly from the Pensione Ceaglio in Marmora-Vernetti or using the Pensione Ceaglio's transport service to reach another starting point. For example, the tour over the highest ridable pass in the western Alps is an extraordinary experience (La Colletta at the Monte Bellino, 2,830 m) or the ride on the miles long single trail through thick ash and beech forests to the ruins of an old mill at the Rio Albert. The landscape's process of transition can clearly be observed.

Hardly any other region in Europe offers such a variety of trails in an unspoilt nature, from trails in the alpine upland to high alpine trails, as it does the Maira Valley! The Pensione Ceaglio provides its guests with detailed descriptions of 20 tours (761 km, 28,610 meters of altitude). The tours are some of the most beautiful ones in all of the Alps.

The former military roads and mule tracks in the Maira Valley are ideal also for E-MTB.


on old military roads
and single trails.
20 Tours, 760 Km, 28610 m Alt. Diff.



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Hotel Village Ceaglio

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Tour 01
Tour 01 – Monte Bellino

Monte Bellino

Distance35 km
Altitude difference1500 m
Tour 02
Tour 02 – Colle Ciarbonet

Colle Ciarbonet

Distance29 km
Altitude difference1040 m
Tour 03
Tour 03 – La Gardetta

La Gardetta

Distance39 km
Altitude difference1040 m
Tour 04
Tour 04 – Monte Servagno

Monte Servagno

Distance28 km
Altitude difference1200 m
Tour 05
Tour 05 – Rocca la Meja

Rocca la Meja

Distance42 km
Altitude difference1500 m
Tour 06
Tour 06 – Colletto di Canosio

Colletto di Canosio

Distance18 km
Altitude difference750 m
Tour 07
Tour 07 – Strada Napoleonica

Strada Napoleonica

Distance26 km
Altitude difference1030 m(+250m Monte Buch-Variante)
Tour 08
Tour 08 – Monte Chersogno

Monte Chersogno

Distance52 km
Altitude difference1900 m
Tour 09
Tour 09 – Strada dei Cannoni

Strada dei Cannoni

Distance64 km
Altitude difference1700 m
Tour 10
Tour 10 – Mulino del Rio Albert

Mulino del Rio Albert

Distance38 km
Altitude difference1020 m
Tour 11
Tour 11 – Colletto Sarasin

Colletto Sarasin

Distance24 km
Altitude difference990 m
Tour 12
Tour 12 – Colle Intersile

Colle Intersile

Distance27 km
Altitude difference1300 m
Tour 13
Tour – 13 Roccabruna


Distance43 km
Altitude difference1,160 m
Tour 14
Tour 14 – Lou Bial Intersili

Lou Bial Intersili

Distance39 km
Altitude difference1800 m
Tour 15
Tour 15 – Alp Oliveto

Alp Oliveto

Distance34 Km
Altitude difference1200 m
Tour 16
Tour 16 – Monte Tibert

Monte Tibert

Distance56 km(Variante Castelmagno: 64 km)
Altitude difference2050m(Variante Castelmagno: 2650 m )
Tour 17
Tour 17 –  Soleglio Bue

Soleglio Bue

Distance42 km
Altitude difference1450 m
Tour 18
Tour 18 – Elva


Distance47 km
Altitude difference1930 m
Tour 19
Tour 19 – San Michele

San Michele

Distance43 km
Altitude difference1990 m
Tour 20
Tour 20 – Monte Oronaye

Monte Oronaye

Distance36 km
Altitude difference1800 m
Vernetti Trail

Vernetti Trail

Distance5 km, Singletrail: 2,2 Km
Altitude difference215 m